Gallery – Garnet Lake to Tuolumne Meadows (June 19)

Belding Ground Squirrel (Urocitellus beldingi)

Thousand Island Lake which probably has only hundreds of islands, unless rocks are included. Perhaps the water level was much lower back in the day, and hence more islands? I'm puzzled.

Marmots must be related to ferrets as they move across the rocks like a slinky going down stairs.

Another little fella keeping an eye on me.

Yellow Bellied Marmot keeping watch.

Our first view of Yosemite National Park from Donahue Pass, looking down into Lyall Canyon

Lyall Fork provided a canyon stretching 8 mile long of pristine meadows.

A mud creature creating radiating water ripples.

Me and possibly one of my favourite spots on the entire trail - it was like having my own private swimming pool, in the middle of the wilderness.

A steel cut hiking sign, typical of those throughout Yosemite National Park

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