Gallery – Palisade Creek to Evolution Lake (June 12)

This was my first huge day where I cracked the 20 mile mark, easily. I got up and over Muir Pass (11,955 ft) at about 4.30pm, which has a 10 mileĀ ascent. It dragged on and on, but was undoubtedly the most spectacular of all the passes. This was also the day that Greg left trail for personal reasons via the Le Conte Canyon trailhead, up and over Bishops Pass.

Aincent Lichens smother the rocks at altitude.

Lyalls Lupin

Pines towering above the trail.

Approaching the first false peak of Muir Pass.

Panorama from the false peak, where Helen Lake stretches before you.

Me on snow and ice at the top of Muir pass. The snow was soft, and so I kept postholing 1m+ down. It was tiring.

Chicken legs.

Marmot, side profile and on the move. It's early season and he's already fat!

Wanda Lake, on the west side of Muir Pass.

Sentry Marmot keeping watch, as they do, on the tops of large boulders.

Finally reached my campsite at Evolution Lake around 8pm. I was knackered, but it was worth it!

A view west as the sun sets below the crest, shadowing the pines across the stagnant mosquito ponds.

Alpenglow from my campsite over Evolution Lake.

Munching down on some Backpackers Pantry dehydrated meal. Quick, easy and tasty.

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