Gallery – Lower Vidette Meadow to Onion Valley (June 7)

Onion Valley is not on the John Muir Trail, but rather a trailhead located over Kearsarge Pass (11,845 ft) located off from the Charlotte Lake Junction on the JMT.

This is where we exited for our first resupply, which we had posted to ourselves and was awaiting pick up from the little, and very friendly and helpful Independence Post Office. We also took a day off in Bishop to rejuvenate, after a big first week on the trail.

Bullfrog Lake, on the way up to Kearsarge Pass

Pacific Crest Trail hiker 'Train', who wore a wedding dress as a form of art, with people worldwide donating to fund his trip across America.

Castilleja lanata (Indian Paintbrush) is a common plant of the Sierras

Old school postboxes at Independence Post Office.


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