Gallery – Tyndall Creek to Lower Vidette Meadow (June 6)

Frozen creeks on the way out of Tyndall Creek towards the infamous Forester Pass

Shadows of a hiker.

The crotch on the left of the horizon is Forester Pass, some 13,180 feet above sea level

Same photo as above, but in Sepia

Potholing through snow patches. The trekking poles are invaluable for balance on this sort of terrain.

Heading up the pass, Greg looking down on the frozen lakes.

Panorama shot from the top of Forester Pass - 13,180 ft

Clear crystal blue alpine lakes, on the decent down the north face of the pass.

Hiker trash - constantly filthy. My ULA pack quickly breaking in the background - a true thru hiker staple. She's a beauty.

Another magical waterfall. I've got hundreds of photos just like this with grey shadowed peaks with licks of snow on them, standing tall in the background.

Fire prohibition is to protect the rare Foxtail Pine fossils at higher elevation.

Inside the bear box, where food is stored each evening.

Greg and Jerry (another hiker who we shared camp with) stoking a fire, with the smoke keeping the mosquitos at bay.


Anthony, Jerry ( and Greg.

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