Gallery – Sunrise Creek to Happy Isles, Yosemite Valley (June 22)

A male deer with his horns growing. Each year these horns fall off but are rarely found my hikers as the squirrels sharpen their teeth on them because they're composed mostly of calcium carbonate.

A tree stump which looks a bit like a deer!

Lyalls Lupin. It was found to be in many shades of purple from this lighter colour through to a deep purple in some small patches.

Carpets of Lyalls Lupin.

Up close photo of a darker sport of Lyalls Lupin

Sarcodes is a monotypic genus of a single springtime flowering plant in the heath family containing the single species Sarcodes sanguinea, commonly called the snow plant or snow flower. It is a parasitic plant that derives sustenance and nutrients from mycorrhizal fungi that attach to roots of trees.

Dead or Alive. Beautiful.

Belding Ground Squirrel (maybe a Californian Grounds Squirrel - bushy tail) looks dumbfounded.

Looking towards Yosemite Valley from Nevada Falls.

Half Dome with Nevada Falls spewing fresh snow melt down into Yosemite Valley.

Hiking board at the beginning of the Happy Isles trailhead. Note the full John Muir Trail is listed at the bottom. Done!

The way the sun manipulates nature and changes it particularly in the morning and at dusk will never cease to amaze me. Gorgeous.

And finally, a shot of Yosemite Falls which only runs during the early weeks of the season until the snow melt dries up. It was in fine form as we concluded out journey.